Who Am I

Alhamdulillah, a great gift from Allah with various endless blessings until now. Blessings and peace be upon him the beloved Muhammad Rasullullah.

I am a very confident and highly motivated person. I strongly believe in balancing between academic, practical and social skills. Taking engineering / operation skills and professional qualification as assets, I see myself on the Field Management side.

Having a Stimulation, Coiled Tubing and Well Site Management background with an additional knowledge of Radiation Protection Safety, I believe that a wider range of industries can be ventured.

Being in the oilfield has also certainly firmed me up due to working under strenuous hours and harsh conditions. Although I am very determined in what I want to achieve, I am also a flexible person and always open for new ideas from all the different aspects in life.

I believe in performing to the best of my ability in everything I do, while staying focus on my main goals. I take pride in everything I do and will do all I can to achieve those goals, and do not hesitate to look for support and assistance when required.

Good leadership, strong communications and interpersonal skills, good adaptability, cooperative, and responsible. I am a dedicated hard worker, working long hours whenever required, working effectively between team and individual and I like to get things done in a timely manner.

I have always been complying with company policies and adhere with their policies and standards/ regulations on work ethics, Quality, Health and Safety/ Environment policies and other considerations. Having to work with both service companies and operators, I have established a wider perspective of the oil and gas industry.

As per now, I do worked with multiple countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and Saudi Arabia. All info related you can reached at my Linkedln.

I am great, focus, happy and a firm believer in commitment and teamwork!

A quote from Vince Lombardi resonates with me, “Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.”

At the same time, I love sharing life experiences and writing various interesting articles related to life, religion, finance and precious metals.

Infinite satisfaction when allowed by Allah to share knowledge with fellow human beings. From there came happiness that I could not express in my heart.

Surely happiness is not what we have, but what we feel.

The uniqueness of Muslims who want to be rich and successful with blessings is not because they store as much wealth. The result of the double fortune they get is after a lot of the wealth flows to a place that Allah likes and is pleased with either through infaq and continuous alms whether in terms of wealth, knowledge or energy. That is called Strategic Collaboration!

All praise belongs to Allah, with abundant praise, great and full of blessings for Him.

Pray for me that Allah will make everything easier for today and beyond. Allahumma Ameen

SincerelyAbu Adam

Never hope for an easy life, but hope to have a heart that is never difficult and never give up!
~ Special thanks for those who supported me start beginning of my career until now ~


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