Great Achievement in 2017


Another great achievement in 2017!

Given by Madam Hinda Gharbi (Worldwide Reservoir Characterization Group President) and Aramco SAWCOD Manager definitely will boost up my ability to work more hard and to be top of my career too.

I’m really proud once ARM management mentioned that Site-27 also is a winner of;

  • 2017 Best LSTK Conventional Site
  • 2017 Best Performance of HSE and Compliant
With Schlumberger and Aramco Management

Special thanks to all my brothers in Site-27 for the support and excellent job. With great teamwork among us, at the end we meet the target.

This award is dedicated to my father, queen of my heart and also all my Super Hero… 🙂

2018 is more challenge for us. Let’s work from now and I’m believed we can do it!

Abu Adam
Site 27 Wellsite Leader

Alhamdulillah, after received an award

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