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Private, Convenient, Confidential

Public Gold International offered a state-of-the-art vault system and specially tailored high level of facilities and services that we offer, to meet our many clients’ individual and varied needs. Combining safety, security and convenience, we are one of the leading safe deposit company, providing the ultimate in secure safekeeping.

By safeguarding your valuables at Public Safe Management (Public Safe Management Sdn Bhd), you may rest assured that without your key and our key, your box can’t be opened. We require proper client identification prior to accessing the vault area, where an electronic fingerprint scan is administrated, followed by visual verification of our client with their photographic identification (in form of their passport or MyKad), before access to their box is granted.

Public Safe Management (Public Safe Management Sdn Bhd) is great for all your irreplaceable items of value. These may be sentimental items, important documents, or simply business documents that you cannot afford to lose.



Unlike banks, our service is specially designed for private safekeeping. We understand that you may need frequent access to your safe deposit box at a very short notice, hence we operate beyond the normal banking hours. Not only that, you may access your safe deposit box without any charges for an unlimited time upon verification of identity through both our electronic and manual means, which require no queue, waiting or fuss and most importantly in complete privacy.


Confidentiality is our first priority and you can be assured that your particulars and those of joint holders are held in utmost confidence. There is no need for you to disclose the contents of your box and viewing of your items can be conducted in complete privacy within the vault.




Our centre has been purpose built to resist fire and every form of modern criminal attack. Electronic surveillance and alarm systems are monitored by our fully trained security personnel 24 hours a day, whilst your valuables are housed within our highly secure reinforced concrete and steel vault which are temperature controlled at all times.


Our Lockers / Boxes are supplied by Chubb which is an established manufacturer of Safe Deposit Boxes / Lockers.


Renting Is Easy


Renting a safe deposit box couldn’t be easier. Just make a short visit to the center to complete the minimum of formalities at any time during our long opening hours. No appointment is needed and our staffs are always ready to serve your requirements and needs with top confidentiality.


Full insurance coverage is provided as part of the package up to a limit of RM 10, 000.00 per box. Should you require additional insurance, we will be more than happy to arrange it for you at an affordable fee, to ensure maximum savings, security, convenience and peace of mind.

Public Safe Deposit Boxes Annual Rental Rates


Box’s Size
Pricing Per
Annum (RM)
Key Deposit Sum Insured
Recommended for personal use in keeping valuables such as jewelleries, coins, gold bars, silver, precious gems.
280.00 RM250.00 RM10,000.00
Suitable for personal use in keeping valuables and documents up to A4 size paper.
380.00 RM250.00 RM10,000.00
Ideal size for family use, a common box for storing and managing family’s assets inventory efficiently.
480.00 RM250.00 RM10,000.00
10”x10”x24” (corporate box)
Suitable for office and corporate clients where a larger capacity is require such as company document and data storage media (LTO tapes, hard disks).
880.00 RM500.00 RM100,000.00

One Time Fee:

  1. Refundable Deposit
  2. Stamp Duty RM20.00


Value Added Services:
Golden Number

Select an auspicious, lucky, favorite number from the range of RM100-RM300

Box Upgrading Service
Upgrade your box size with the fees of:
– Discrepancy between the safe lockers RM100/RM200
– Stamp duty: RM20.00
– Processing fees: RM30.00

Replacement of key(s)
If you lost your key (either 1 key), we will arrange technician to force open the box and replace your current lock with a new lock set. A fee of RM350 applies.

Our operating hours as below:
Mon-Sat: 9.30am-5.30pm
Close on Sunday and selected Public Holiday

Our security system includes:

  • Armed Security Guards.
  • Biometrics Access Finger Print upon main access and before entrance to vault.
  • Photograph Identification.
  • Signature Verification.
  • CCTVs.
  • Motion Detectors.
  • Embedded Alarm System.
  • Spotlights at the front and rear.
  • External Siren that comes with Strobe Light.
  • Internal Siren.
  • Vibration Sensor.
  • DVR – Up to 1 year of recording History.
  • Panic Buttons, CMS & 24 Hours World Wide Remote Viewing via Laptop & Mobile Phone.

We avoid shopping complexes for the following reasons:

  • Safety of clients walking back too far a distance from the Safe Deposit Box Center to their car parked in the car park.
  • Danger of being mugged in the lift, while walking back to the car in the car park.
  • Impossible to reinforce the floor and ceiling of the vault/strong room.
  • If reinforce a proper piling/foundation, it may cause danger to the mall (may collapse due to excessive weight).
  • No control over occupants and happenings on the top & bottom floor.

Important points to consider before deciding on a Safe Deposit Box Service Provider:


By far is the most important aspect, as the Security and Strength of the vault is dependent on the location.

  • VAULT — The reinforced concrete vault with steel measuring 60 feet x 22 feet weights about 60 tonnes, with 14 inches walls, 24 inches thick flooring and at least 12 inches thick ceiling. Such a weight would need massive foundation to support the vault. In the absence of strong columns, the vault needs to rest on the ground with piles supporting the weight. As such any discerning vault on the 2nd, 3rd or higher levels will cause the entire building to collapse. Therefore, it is impossible to build a discerning vault of such thickness and strength in shopping complexes, apart from having no control of activities over the top and bottom floors that may risk exposing the customers’ valuables to undesirable elements.
  • CAR PARK —Logically one should be able to pop in and out of the vault without having to walk more than 10-20 steps from one’s car. Though one may just be carrying an envelope of documents, walking back to your car parked in a shopping complex car park may risk being mugged on the way and cause danger to you or your loved ones.
  • SECURITY — Safe Deposit Box (SDB) Center must have 24 hours dedicated Security Guards physically present within the Center. As part of the psychological influence, one must insist to see the guards physically present to ensure their security.
  • ACCESS — A SDB Center should have convenient access hours and not limited to normal working hours. A SDB center’s opening hours should not be dictated by the opening and closing hours of any complex.
  • INSURANCE — The willingness of Insurance Company to underwrite a huge coverage up to RM 100K when required is the testimony of trust by the Insurance Company to ensure Credibility, Security and Strength of a SDB Center

Location Map




REMEMBER TO INFORM OUR STAFF YOUR INTRODUCER CODE: PG056392            (YUHAILMY JAMIL)  13173777_435790643212116_6586252282554245368_n
Public Safe Management Sdn Bhd
88E&88F, Ground Floor,
Jalan Tun Dr. Awang,
Bayan Lepas
Pulau Pinang
Telephone: +604-644 1222
Fax: +604-646 8916





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